A King Mattress Is A Good Choice For A Guest Room

A Guest Room

When you decide to set up a guest room in your home, you eventually have to decide on the bed and the size of the mattress to put on it. A king mattress is often the best choice for your guest room. This is for a number of reasons, but the biggest is leaving your room home for visitation in the future from any number of potential guests who might be spending the night in your residence.

If you are early in your adult life, then you might be expecting your only guests to be an occasional single friend from high school or college to come and visit, and surely a king mattress is too big for a single adult, right? Perhaps, but what about later on? If a friend who visits frequently ever gets married or visits with a partner, you need room for two grown adults. Even if you and your spouse get by fine on a smaller mattress, give guests all the room you can so they can sleep comfortably with breathing room while on the road an possibly tired.

Also keep in mind that you might have older guests, like your own parents, who are used to a big bed. Remember too that most Americans are not getting any smaller, especially around their waistline. Even if you are fit and slender or cut and chiseled, most people are not and need some room in bed to get through the night with enough sleep.

A king mattress also future-proofs a guest room in a way if guests are ever kids. They will not be kids forever, and teenagers turn into grown adults in the blink of an eye. You are not likely to change your guest room any time soon, so give it enough sleeping space now with a king sized mattress.